Friday, February 15, 2008

Why do so many confectioners get rid of foil and paper wrapping?

I've lost count of the number of bars that have changed their wrapping from a traditional paper sleeve and foil finish to the far inferior all-in-one foil fresh wrap. I suppose Kit Kat is the biggest offender, and Cadburys can stick their all-in-one Dairy Milks, Whole Nuts and Fruit 'n' Nuts up their hole, but this morning I was saddened to add Jacob's Club Milk to that list.

I hadn't had one in years, but the impending doom and gloom surrounding Jacobs has reawakened my taste buds for Jacobs products. Pretty soon we won't have any mass-produced Irish biscuits to call our own, so I have vowed to test them all again before they're made in Estonia or somewhere equally grim.
Anyway, despite the crap packaging, the good news is that Club Milks rock! They have gone back to the tried and tested two biscuit with a chocolate filling formula (they changed it a few years ago to a single biscuit format) and the chocolate is like a brick wall. Perfect. It brought me right back to days supping ale in the Welcome Inn and the Airways pubs in Dublin 1 long before I'd even begin to think about lunch, then the doorbell rang. Savour them now before it's too late!

Hot Lunch - Asparagus and cheesy mashed potato pie in filo pastry, with a few seasonal leaves. I have now mastered at least 24 Jamie Oliver dishes.

Home & Away was daft. Martha, who is now living in a hay barn with a dog and an outdoor bath, was found wearing her ex-husband's bride-to-be's wedding dress. She tried it on after her ex-husband ran over her dog. For some reason he handed it to her so her to keep on the farm, so he and Martha's new fella, could go to the hospital and look for medical genius that is Rachel. However, Rachel, the counsellor who turned into a surgeon overnight, was at home having a baby for the O'Halpin fella. Then she lost it. He didn't care either way. He probably misses Cork. And Neighbours has a new look - fancy credits, censored theme tune lyrics and a new singer.

Hot Sauce - MCD better bring Eddy Grant to Oxegen. He's laying down an Electric Avenue at T in the Park the same weekend.

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