Monday, February 11, 2008

File under UNKLE

UNKLE are probably no more after the guy who actually made the music, Richard File, has decided to part company with the rampant egomaniac that is the, er, Man from UNKLE, James Lavelle (he's the one on the left).

I always had a soft spot of sorts for UNKLE, particularly as a result of their "Psyence Fiction" album (which was really just DJ Shadow and guests). It's also worth noting that Lavelle used to be a decent DJ. Some of the UNKLE mix albums are pretty decent, I have a few MP3's knocking around that aren't bad, and one of his Glastonbury sets is constantly on the go back in the office, much to the distain of my co-workers. He (or rather File) did a decent remix for Robert Plant too at one point.

However, in recent years Lavelle really became the quintessential prat. He re-released the remarkably dull "Never Never Land" album about two dozen times, and the last UNKLE album "War Stories" was as dull and about as interesting as instant gravy. Even the presence of Chris Goss, the balding genius behind one of the finest American bands of the last 20 years, Masters of Reality, the producer of the almighty Kyuss, and the studio boffin who used to make Queens of the Stone Age sound relevant, couldn't save "War Stories".

They toured that piece of crap last year, promising "an all-out live assault" (yeah, right), but I was genuinely looking forward to seeing them at the Electric Picnic. However, Lavelle ended up almost runing my weekend with his non-stop clapping, jumping, miming and general jackshittery. 'The ego had landed I thought' as I watched this fool march about the place miming everything and occasionally asking the engineer to turn up his monitor so he could hear himself clap. It was that bad a show, it sobered me up. Surprised it took Richard File this long to sober up...

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