Friday, February 8, 2008

No no, no, no no no, no, no no no there's no limits! Well, there was as it happened....

Last year over a few beers a friend and I discussed - at length - a proposal to bring 2 Unlimited into Ireland for a couple of dates. We felt their horrendous blend of infectious, repetative, lyrically-rich techno pop 'Eurodance' was long overdue a re-appraisal. We recalled magical nights as young bucks, drunk on a fiver in exotic, far-flung places such as McGrath's on O'Connell St listening and occasionally dancing to this awful shite. We argued over whether we'd actually heard the DJ play 2 Unlimited in the Asylum the night some scanger fired a sawn-off shotgun in there. We recalled Anita's mini skirts in the videos, and sang along in the jacks to such memorable hits as "No Limits", "Get Ready For This", "Twilight Zone", and "Let the Beat Control Your Body"and decided there and then to book them in for an Irish tour. After a few more we decided we'd stick Techotronic , Dr. Alban and maybe Haddaway and Black Box onto the bill. I really, really, really wanted to get De'Lacy to play as "Hideaway" is one of my all-time favourite songs...

Unfortunately we didn't quite make this masterplan a reality. We both got waylaid in work and play but two weeks ago, over more beer, we made a new years resolution to at least bring the Eurodance legends that were 2 Unlimited to Ireland. We both had a few euro and thought there was still plenty of people left alive in Dublin's Inner City prepared to spend a night on cheap yokes. A few more enquiries were made and then today, I was alerted to this on State of Shock: 2 Unlimited are playing the DCU Rag Ball.

And I quote: "After sitting on this one to see if its a wind up we’ve now been assured that its not. Although I still firmly believe that it is! Anyway the DCU Rag week 2008 line-up can truly be said to have something for everyone. Confirmed so far are: - Groove Armada DJ Set- DJ Sash- B*witched- 2Unlimited"

The bastards.

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