Tuesday, February 12, 2008

KLF to take a Picnic?

Rumours are abounding that the KLF are reforming for a series of summer dates which may include an Electric Picnic date and a Bestival one a week later. The rumour mill has been grinding away for years that Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty would once again don whatever suits they fancied and rev up the old squad car for a filthy lucre run.

Sadly these latest rumours are predominantly on the message boards of the Electric Picnic and Bestival websites so, er, they may not have the slightest grain of truth or hope. So, it may be some time yet before Ford Timelord deposits Time Boy and Lord Rock at a car park in Stradbally. Meanwhile, here's my favourite KLF clip, at the 1992 Brit Awards with Extreme Noise Terror saying "cheerio" to the music business. Billy Bragg seems to like it.

And check this shit out to see how much people have spent on their KLF collections. And there was I worrying about a fiver I once spent in Freebird on "Justified and Ancient -Stand by The JAMs (featuring Tammy Wynette)"


Matt Vinyl said...

I've loads of KLF stuff and it cost me about €30 in total. These fuckers obviously don't have an Oxfam shop near them.

lazy said...

you may like my blog...