Friday, February 29, 2008

Have a cigar Syd.

You too can get your mits on some rare Pink Floyd related stuff this week. I can't because of my current precarious financial position, but if I had some money then I'd be buying Syd Barrett's old speakers and a painting (left) for less than 10,000 euro at an upcoming auction.

I'd also be buying some rare Pink Floyd album art prints which are currently being flogged for a little under two grand. They feature some of the best-known Floyd cover art and are signed by ertwhile Floyd gentleman-about-the-race-track Nick Mason, as well as designers Storm Thorgerson and Peter Curzon.

Anyway, the speakers and the painting are probably the best investment, even if the rather drab painting doesn't exactly set the world of arts appreciation alight. It's a previously unseen Barrett effort which he gave to his brother as a present, and it goes under the hammer in old Syd's hometown of Cambridge on March 5th and 6th.

"Abstract: Chain link harrows" was painted during long before Syd made arguably the finest album of the 1960's, and long before he decided to paint himself into the corner of a room for the sake of his art. It was created during his first year at Camberwell Art School, and was given to his brother where it has stayed ever since. The auctioneers - Cheffins - estimate the 50cm x 74cm painting will sell for between ST£4,000-8,000. The sale will also include two other items from Syd’s brother, including a pair of HJ Leak & Co Sandwich speakers, which were used by Syd in his flat during the 1960's. Hilariously, the brochure states that "one bears a hole to the front which was allegedly caused by his ‘cigarette’. So, if you buy them, then there's no doubt you can sit around all night taking drugs and imagining what Syd was listening to at the, er, time he dropped his cigarette.

They still work, and they can be yours for between £200-400, which is about 600 euro.

There's also a signed Christmas card, which could be yours for less than 100 quid.

Have a proper look at them at here

The fine art prints, meanwhile, look right proper tasty and I'd love to have Battersea Power Station hanging in my front hall. Alas, there's probably no chance. There's no chance either, I suppose even a Tony Iommi or a Jimmy Page would be out of the question too.

Anyway, if you have an interest in ancient rock stars, their designers, and quality cover art at ridiculous prices then right here is the treasure trove to check out.

As well as the Floyd, they are currently offering some savage fine art prints from acts such as 10cc, Anthrax, Audioslave, BB King, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, David Bowie, The Catherine Wheel, Eric Clapton, The Cranberries, Donovan, Ian Dury, The Flirtations, The Fool, Gentlemen Without Weapons, Gordon Giltrap, Goldie, Jimi Hendrix, The Hollies, The Incredible String Band,Live Aid & Band Aid, Bob Geldof, Led Zeppelin, The Mars Volta, The Move, Muse, The Nice, Ocean Colour Scene, Dean Parrish Pentangle, Martha Reeves, The Scorpions, Sex Pistols, Thin Lizzy, UB40, The War of The Worlds, Paul Weller, and The Who. Looking through the catalogue and some of the, quite frankly, ridiculous prices I still can't believe that there are people out there who would actually pay for anything by The Cranberries...

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