Monday, March 3, 2008

Supergrass at the BBC

Supergrass have a new album out in the next wee while, so why not bask in some of their former glories? Below you'll find a soundboard recording of Supergrass live at the BBC Maida Vale Studios, on September 30th, 2002. There's plenty of classic Supergrass in it, up through to the slightly unfocussed 'Life on Other Planets' LP. Hence quite a bit of 'here's one from ou new LP'. They bounced back from that album in some style with the streamlined 'Road to Rouen' in 2005. It's a certified classic, although nobody bought it. Not sure what to make of the bits of new album 'Diamond Hoo Haa' I've heard thus far. There's a class of a video below.

Tracklist for the BBC Session:Grace; Rush Hour Soul; Pumping On Your Stereo; Moving; Seen The Light; Funniest Thing; Brecon Beacons; Prophet 15; Never Done Anything Like That Before; Richard III; Sun Hits The Sky; Caught By The Fuzz. Linky

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