Friday, March 14, 2008

Old man not playing in Cork shocker!

D'yawan hash or E's?

Not every rock dinosaur is playing Cork this summer. Paul "Al" Simon is only playing at the Electric Picnic! Or maybe he's playing Kilmainham? Anyway, POD have him and he won't be playing in a big top in Cork.

Also in the frame for the Electric Picnic: Coldplay! The chaps are weighing up their summer festival options and Picnic is one of them. They've stuck with MCD in the past so if Latitude doesn't happen in Belvedere this July then they'll probably end up in Malahide or Marlay Park. So maybe you didn't read it here first.

Krautrock legends Faust will keep me happy. They've confirmed they are goiung to play! The Orb, who were brutal at Garden Party 2 years ago are also confirmed and you can bet good money that Portishead will be there too. Cash hungry on their last legs "punks" Sex Pistols are another cert. Underworld are also 100% certs to be headlining either the Main Stage or one of the tents on the Saturday night. The lovely Elbow are also back, Tindersticks are also lined up, as are Supergrass. Repeating 2005's line up Flaming Lips (if they don't do Lovebox) and Fatboy Slim are set to play. Another returning act is the mighty Mogwai. The Cure's name has been mentioned too, as had Cypress Hill which would be fucking mega. Gemma Hayes, Henry Rollins, Saul Williams and Billy Bragg are also playing. There's loads more but none of them will probably turn up so I'll stop now.

Oh, most importantly, the eight colouredy squares on the website have now multiplied.

The whole thing will be launched on March 26th.

The cinema tent better show 'Midnight Run' this year that's all I'm sayin'...


Anonymous said...

Any rumours of Cockney bands playing this year?

That'd be good.


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