Thursday, March 13, 2008

Going to Malahide or Cork in June?

Neil Young. Where does one begin? I dunno. Anyway, he's here in the summer and I'll be at both shows the big sap I am. I had an awful fear about the Malahide show as it's the height of the summer, it's outdoors and you know, it's just not right is it? So i bought some Cork tickets as well. I've enjoyed gigs at both venues over the past few years (Roger Waters in Cork being the zenith Leeside, and the little reggae tent at Lovebox last year being the highlight of Dublin's great outdoors) but I'd much rather see him in a darkened tent in Cork than the daylit display that is going to be an outdoor show at the end of June.

If you need some homework in advance, as if, then check out the great man in Amsterdam last month here

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